Filmbot AZ Teriyaki Boyz

Intro by Filmbot Grip

Imagine this. It’s your first trip ever to United States, you’re immediately thrown into a van for 6 hours and then the doors open to the best skateparks in the world. Your diet is American sized hamburgers, Arizona burritos and Quiktrip donuts. For 13 year old Keyaki Ike, it was a trip of a lifetime.

With winter drawing near and it almost freezing in Japan, our good friends from Big Wing Distribution sent us their secret Filmbot weapons: Keyaki Ike and new pro Kota Ikeda to join us for our first Filmbot Tour! Starting off in the land of traffic & smog (aka Los Angeles) we zipped off to where the ditches grow large and the skateparks are plentiful. Phoenix, Arizona!

Joining the tour is Issey Yumiba, who is a great translator, inspirational speaker and skate motivator. Without Issey, I believe Keyaki and Kota would feel further away from home then they already are. Thank you Issey for everything. Also in the van is veteran professional and Filmbot Files alumni Derek Fukuhara, young buck Trevor McClung and special guest Daniel Espinoza. With this crew, it definitely ended up being the best trip ever!


Your diet is American sized hamburgers, Arizona burritos and Quiktrip donuts. For 13 year old Keyaki Ike, it was a trip of a lifetime.

Keyaki Ike by Issey Yumiba
Keyaki was just a young little boy, amused by the unknown environment around him and keeping to himself in his own world. He was relatively quiet among the rest of the group, keeping us mysterious about what was going through his mischievous mind. It was only a matter of time until we started to understand him. Daily diet consisted of burritos, candy, and donuts amazed us. His peculiar nature of prancing on ledges at spots and licking mounds of salt off the palm of his hand. How did this boy get the nickname TeriYAKI? Daniel Espinoza… all he could think about was Japanese food and forgot Keyaki’s real name. A little bit racist? Maybe so, but the best part of it all was his giggly laugh and acceptance of his new nickname. I’m excited for Teriyaki’s future. His first trip to the US and on our Filmbot tour is only the beginning. It was a blessing to see him fit in so well with the rest of the group and to keep a smile the whole way. It was sad to see him almost in tears when I dropped him off with the escort attendants at the airport. He told me one goal he made for himself back at home was to study English and to film a new part. I can’t wait to see his growing progression as an individual and through his skating. Until then I will have to settle for Facebook video he makes.


Kohta Ikeda by Issey Yumiba
Kohta. Boy, does he love his Coke, Mexican food, and coffee. After arriving at LAX he started with a grande sized iced coffee, by the time he left he was gulping down trenta-sized white mohca double shots. I taught him a trick.. If you save your Starbucks cup, you can get a refill the next day for 50 cents. He probably spent $10 on coffee the whole time he was here!! Let me tell you Kohta has one of the best styles in skating. That flick and pop that he has… only certain skaters are gifted with such talent. Sorry Kohta, for making you do like 100 kickflips while you were here. But to top it off, he is one of the most humble and caring people that I know. It’s amazing to have one of my best friends a part of the Filmbot family. See you soon! .